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Facebook Group Sponsorship

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Get Your Business In Front Of Thousands Of People In Your Area From Just £25 Per Month !

Reach Specific Geographic Targets

How would you like to guarantee you can get your product or service in front of people in a specific geographic region? Or better still, make sure your business is seen by people in a specific area with a specific interest?

Our System does just that, easily !

Reach Thousands Of People Easily With Facebook Group Sponsorship

With Facebook group sponsorship you have the opportunity of putting your business in front of thousands of prospective buyers every day. With just a handful of groups we can easily reach around 500,000 active users a month and in any given area that can mean around 50,000 – 100,000 users for your business. Here's how...

Cover Sponsorship

You can sponsor the cover photo of a Facebook group and this way every time that group is visited your brand is right there in front of the user each time they visit.

You can sponsor a quarter of the cover photo, half or the entire cover photo, it's up to you.

Pinned Post (Announcement)

A pinned post stays at the top of the group and is visible on each visit or when a user clicks “Announcements”.

Again, a perfect way of getting your message out to users. A pinned post can be a simple post, an offer or even a video about your business.

Scheduled Posts

We can even schedule posts for you into the groups we manage (we recommend no more than 1 post per group per day) and again make sure that your message is right there in front of users each time they visit. Also, just like a pinned post we can schedule posts with images, links to your website or even videos.

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