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Facebook Group Management

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Managing a Facebook group can be extremely time consuming and also extremely rewarding. Even small niche groups with only a few hundred members can be excellent for reaching out to a dedicated audience.

Time, as they say, is money and with that in mind spending less time managing and growing a group and more time working with clients is any most business owner strives to do.

What We Provide:

  • Optimisation of the group for search
  • Artwork for the group that clearly identifies what it is and what it does
  • Optimisation of the same
  • Streamline the on boarding process
  • Capture member email addresses
  • We completely eliminate SPAM & click bait
  • Increase engagement
  • Grow your group and audience

The minimum requirements are that your group has at least 5,000 members and over 60% reach. However, we do also work with smaller niche groups where the owner needs help managing those groups.

We also provide Facebook Group Sponsorship where you can place your brand in front of thousands of geographically targetted users.

Facebook Group Sponsorship

  • Cover Sponsorship
  • Pinned Post (Announcement)
  • Scheduled Posts

Get Started Today - Contact Us

Guidance for Facebook group moderators...

Please DO NOT approve membership requests, we have admins that do this job.

Also, please DO NOT send welcome posts to users, we also manage this.

All we ask is that you monitor posts in the group as and when you have time and if you see anything that is suspicious or obviously SPAM or clickbait then please remove the member and also remove any posts they have created within the last 7 days. This stops them coming back into the group and SPAMMING again.

To remove a member from a group using a mobile phone:

Click on the user's name and then click on “...More” and then click on “Remove Member”.

If you are using a desktop computer or laptop:

Hover over the user's name with your mouse and click the shortcut menu (3 dots) and click on “Remove member”. Also, check the box to “Remove user's activity from the last seven days”.

Ways to easily identify SPAM & clickbait...

Typically this will be content shared into the group from elsewhere. They can be quite subtle but most of them are obvious and use words in the content such as “work from home”, “Guess the number” etc. and these kinds of posts will be automatically flagged in “Moderation Alerts”.

As a group moderator we trust you and any decision you make. If members complain please feel free to refer them to the group admins.