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Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

Paying a Web Designer a Retainer

As the number of websites available increases and the number of web designers also increases we're finding that over the last few years more and more clients are asking for our retainer services, but why?

Well, in many cases it's quite simple: They want to improve their online presence and at the same time learn how to optimise and promote their business online.

Many web designers just don't do this so it falls to the client to find someone who can help them.

The fact is that most small business owners don't know what they don't know and it's not their fault. They weren't told and then their website isn't ranking or getting visotors and they need to fix that without paying out thousands of dollars/pounds or Euros again!

Here's some typical examples of whay our retainer clients use us...

Access to Knowledge

We've been in the business of technology and designing websites for over 2 decades now. With that comes a certain level of knowledge one can only acquire through experience.

This experience, gained through learning, testing, trial and error can then be applied to your business. In many cases we find the things we're being asked are simple for us but may as well be in Russian or Mandarin for the client so we help them take the jargon out of the problem.

Technical Expertise

We can, very quickly in many cases, perform a critical analysis of your website and find areas of improvement. We can also do more in depth research into your online business, prospective clients and social media if required.

Taking this further we can interrogate your website's code at a deep technical level so that if you have a design resource already on hand we can arm you with the information required to get the work done to a standard that meets your expectations.

This, coupled with the other elements outlined here can put you in a very strong position when dealing with your web designer, agency or in house resource.

Access to High End Services

Our websites sit on faster servers than you might normally use for your website so in many cases simply transferring a website to one of our web hosting products can help improve your websites rankings and get visitors to stay because your website is loading faster.

We also invest in software for all our clients to help their business and you can gain access to these tools too should you need them. Things like shopping cart software, subscriptions systems and more.

Research Experience

When we're not designing websites we're researching. That research then gets passed to our active clients who need it.

You may also need to know something we haven't researched and we're more than happy to do that for you because it helps you, us and our existing clients.

Plan and Guide

One of the biggest things we do is what's referred to as "Digital PM" or "Digital Project Management" where we simply guide your project with you.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with multiple developers simultaneously in various countries to help get a project delivered.

Many of our clients that use us for this service are based in one country while the developers are based in 2-3 other countries and different time zones so you can imagine how complex that might become.

Marketing Strategy

We also help many of our retainer client strategise their online marketing. We help identify an audience and which channels to use and then work with you to create the right image and content through our other partners who work with us on these kinds of projects.

Confidence & Empowerment

On top of everything else we do we provide you with the confidence to manage your own online presence through training (yes, we have online tutorials and materials available ONLY to active clients) and empower you so that when you are faced with technical jargon from a web designer you know what it means.

I think it would be safe to say that almost all of our retainer clients, whether the project be short or long term, walk away better informed and able to ask better questions of their design team.

Your Reputation is Our Business

Put simply we keep our finger on the pulse so you don't have to. We frequently have conversations with clients about new trends and theories and work with our clients to help improve their websites, their social media exposure, their dominance in the search engines and their online reputations.

A vet will tell you that at certain stages in your pet's growth it needs a vaccination or a treatment of some description and in the same way, by keeping a web designer on retainer you get the same.

We will advise on best practices, new methods or forms of working that are smarter. We can also undertake tasks where no internal resource exists within your company or simply provide the information to someone within your company.

A good example of real world application would be any company that handles personal data online. We can ensure you have an effective privacy policy in place, that the client data is secure and handled properly and that in the case of data corruption it can be retrieved.

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