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Social Media: That Double Edged Sword

Social media TRULY can make or break a business online these days and that's never been truer than when one of your staff, or you, gives a customer particularly good (or bad) service.

Imagine the scenario...

You own a bakery (No, not Amy's Baking Company which closed down I believe due to a social media campaign that seriously backfired after Chef Ramsey visited), or a small restaurant. Now let's say you've just served the best cake and coffee in the entire world to a new customer.

Said customer grabs his phone, takes a photo and starts typing away. Now as far as you know you have no social media or reviews websites setup for your business so what could this guy be doing...?

Well, for one thing he could be sending that image to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any number of other social networks. I mean that cake looks and tastes delicious so why not share the love eh...?

The next thing you know is perhaps a day or so later a new customer or three pops by, then a few more and before you know it you're looking for more seats.

How Easy Social Can Be

When one person shares an image or update generally it might only be seen by a handful of people. However, as those numbers add up (and they do believe me) more and more people get to see your business online and what it does.

Why not make it easier for them with a Facebook business page so they can check in, or a Google Local Business or Maps listing so they can do the same there...? In-fact while you're at it why not setup your own Pinterest or Instagram account and share your own stuff there. It only takes a moment to shoot a photo of something on the pass as it goes out to the restaurant or to take a quick snap of a full restaurant on Friday night.

Reaching a Bigger Audience

One quick and easy way of reaching a bigger audience is to have a Google Local Business listing (as this shows up in search results) and a Facebook business page. Then, simply ask people to "Check In" and in return you give them something for free. Why...? Simple: 1 check-in from the right person can reach thousands of prospective customer. It's free advertising.

What Does It Cost ?

That's the best part. It needn't cost you a cent, a penny or a dime. You decide. If you want to give away a free bottle of champagne for a check-in I'm certainly not going to stop you but there's absolutely nothing stopping you giving a free drink or treat away to those that checkin to your Facebook page.

Now you might think me odd but here's the thing... Many local businesses, even now, do not have these basic pages setup and they simply do not get it. Believe me, if you do this it will work. It's a tried and tested method of promoting your business online and reaching thousands of prospective new customers EASILY.

That Double Edged Sword

Yes, this can also go the other way. You're only as good as your last meal, this is true. However, if you do find that someone is unsatsfied with their meal take ownership of the problem, offer a solution and the chances are that any review or comment you get will have a positive slant.

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