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Friday, 12 January 2018 09:20

Are Facebook Brand Pages To Go ?

Perhaps not right now but in light of what the CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) has said it may well be on the cards at a later date.

So it seems that Facebook pages will be seen less and less in your Facebook stream over the coming weeks and months due to a recent post made by Mark Zuckerberg on how pages are distracting from Facebook's goal. "Facebook has always been about personal connections".

Further into the article Mr Zuckerberg also mentioned that "We feel a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people's well-being." Understandable.

In short, pages won't be going anywhere but as stated in the post: " when we use social media to connect with people we care about, it can be good for our well-being. We can feel more connected and less lonely, and that correlates with long term measures of happiness and health. On the other hand, passively reading articles or watching videos -- even if they're entertaining or informative -- may not be as good."

Clearly brand pages are there to promote brands and Facebook (as stated) was never intended for this purpose.

Here's the post in full...

Sunday, 03 April 2016 19:12

Social Media: That Double Edged Sword

Social media TRULY can make or break a business online these days and that's never been truer than when one of your staff, or you, gives a customer particularly good (or bad) service.

Imagine the scenario...

You own a bakery (No, not Amy's Baking Company which closed down I believe due to a social media campaign that seriously backfired after Chef Ramsey visited), or a small restaurant. Now let's say you've just served the best cake and coffee in the entire world to a new customer.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 23:35

Attracting Twitter Followers Easily

Anyone who's designed websites for more than a few months will probably know what a Call To Action (CTA) and user or sales funnel is so I'm going to assume that you're in a position where you've designed your website and created a funnel that works well and you simply need more organic traffic.

The method that's outlined here is simple, easy to follow and if used allows you to spend more time attracting the right kinds of followers in order to engage with them through social or other mediums and convert them through your website.

En primer lugar quiero darles las gracias por llegar hasta aquí y tomarse el tiempo y la molestia de leer esto. Es evidente que les gustaría incrementar sus seguidores en Twitter.  Asumo que ha intentado hacerlo usted mismo y hacer crecer sus seguidores de forma orgánica.

Si ese no es el caso, entonces le sugiero que compre seguidores (como muchos lo hacen) ya que este artículo no se trata de eso. Siempre he preferido orgánico sobre resultados pagados . Se necesita tiempo y esfuerzo, pero vale la pena a largo plazo.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 09:50

How To Get More Followers On Twitter

First of all I just want to thank you for getting here and taking the time and trouble to read this. Clearly you, like me, would like to increase your Twitter following and I'm also going to assume that you're looking to do this yourself and grow your followers organically.

If that's not the case then I'd suggest you buy followers (like many do) as this article is not about that. I have always preferred organic over paid results. It takes time and effort but it's well worth it in the long run.

Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Social Media Marketing

Attract • Engage • Convert

Social media is probably the single most important mnethod of communication with prospective clients these days. Even without knowing the statistics anyone can see that if you have a social account and use it to attract a new audience then this in turn convert this audience through a process of engagement.

Leveraging social or "#GrowthHacking" as it has come to be known more recently is no new phenomenon, it has simply evolved.

Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Facebook App Development

What No Website's Facebook App with Data capture is the perfect data capture solution.

There's no doubt that Facebook is a powerful marketing medium and when coupled with a Facebook App can do so much more than simply display photos and content.

Did you know that with no access token (user permission) you can obtain the following from a Facebook user's profile:

  • User's name
  • Their locale
  • Languages they speak
  • Gender

With a little more coding and permission from the user you can also obtain information such as their age, birthday and more that may be of use to a marketing campaign.

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