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Sunday, 15 March 2015 20:06

Yorkshire SEO

Now before I start I'm going to prefix this with the fact that should be obvious... SEO in Yorkshire is really no different to SEO in the rest of the country. We're just a little more approachable and friendly with it, that's all.

I was recently browsing through the Google Webmaster stats for the site and noticed that the phrase Yorkshire SEO was generating traffic but they were going through to the page anout Yorkshire Pudding SEO which isn't an entirrely bad thing but it was never intended to be that way.

The fact still remains though that f anyone searches for SEO in Yorkshire they're more likely to get a recipe on Yorkshire puddings than SEO !

That said, curiously I decided to lookup just how many people look for SEO services in the Yorkshire area and you might be surprised. While 33,100 searches a month are executed for SEO in the UK there are over half a million made for the same term worldwide. Yorkshire...? Specifically Yorkshire SEO...? A mere 110 !

That's appaling I think. There are other long tail searches of course, you could even be more specific and mention town names and other location specific information but 110 searches a month was a bit of a shock.

So, if you're one of those 100 folk that are performing that search why not get in touch and see what can be done for your SEO...

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