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Is Google Local Important for Search?

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average and that accounts for something like 80% of all worldwide searches (depending where you live and what language you speak).

You can even see a sample of what’s being searched for live here: Google Trends - Hot Searches.

Getting your business in front of these eyeballs is no mean feat so that’s where Google Local comes into it’s own. Did you know for example that around 60% of all searches have a local intent?

You might also be surprised to learn that over 50% of these “on the go” searches as they are referred to also lead users to a store and purchase within a day.

That to me, says that mobile is important. However, what’s more important is getting your business to attract the attention of the user. That’s where the Knowledge Graph comes in to play. We recently published an article covering this called Who's Your "Local Guide"? where we briefly covered this topic. Here though, we go into a little more detail about the significance of local search and how it can directly impact your business and your bottom line.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph

If you make a general search say for “Chinese Restaurants” then you’ll see a map and along with it excerpts from the Knowledge graph. Opening one of these listings then opens up the Knowledge Graph for that business. Typically this will contain an image, map and other information about the business such as opening hours, contact details and a link to their website or just a link to make a call.

Local Knowledge

Here's a the real game changer in my opinion. Google have a program for “Local Guides” where they, like me, can can create a new listing for a business that doesn’t exist, update a listing that already exists and edit listings that are already live.

Try It Out For Yourself

Next time you’re out and about why not open Google Maps on the mobile or tablet and take a look at what’s around, or more importantly what’s NOT around. You might be surprised. Something like 80% of local businesses are simply not listed. Yes, in more densely populated areas this figure will be lower so why not take a look and see.

If you see a business that’s not listed just go to the menu and select “Add a Missing Business”. Be sure to be as thorough as you can and add a form of contact and perhaps an image or three as this will help people not only find the business but get in touch.

Finding a Local Guide To Help

In populated areas this might not be necessary and you’d think that in a touristic area such as Tenerife finding a Local Guide to help you wouldn't be that hard. Yes, there are forums and communities but getting hold of an individual, an actual person, isn't that easy. Perhaps it’s because they are unpaid, or that it’s something they do to help but not as a job. In any case, as in the example above we executed a search for a Local Guide in Tenerife and came up with a landing page on Website Design Tenerife’s website titled "Google Local Guide".

So, it would appear if you know how to look that finding a guide isn’t that hard.

Be Sure To Claim Your Business

If you find your business in Google Maps or create a listing be sure to claim it and setup a Google Local Business page. This helps enormously in search and costs you no more than a few minutes of your time.

Knowledge Graph

Creating The Right 1st Impression

Something many businesses overlook is creating the right image in search. You can easily turn on or off a prospect simply by how your search results are presented. You’ll see many businesses listed in the Knowledge Cards that have no photographs, no means of contact and that can lead to frustration for the user.

Convert Browsers to Buyers

Make time to create the right images for your social profiles and Knowledge Cards, use a graphic designer wherever possible for branding images and logos and I assure you it will convert browsers into buyers.

As they say “The first bite is taken with the eye” and this is also true of your online presence. Do it yourself or employ a professional but my suggestion would be to do it right as you never get a 2nd opportunity to make that 1st Impression.

If you'd like to learn more about this and run a restaurant why not read our article titled "Why Restaurants NEED a Website".

If you need help with your local listing why not get in touch or send us a message and we'll do what we can to help.

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