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5 Quick Steps to Optimizing Your Blog Posts

This is by no means a definitive list of tasks you should complete. More a quick and easy "how to" for those that write blog posts on a fairly regular basis. It's also an approach I take myself and I hope it's of use to you whether you blog for business or pleasure.

Before I start though I'd like to say that writing a blog post on its own is not a strategy; that's far more in depth.

Also, the title of this article is spelt "Optimizing" not "Optimising". There's a very good reason for that:

"Optimizing" generates almost 3 times as many searches as "Optimising" which also leads me on to the 1st point quite neatly:

Before I start though I think it might be important to note that writing a blog post on its own is not a strategy; that's far more in depth. Also, you'll notice the title of this article is spelt "Optimizing" and not "Optimising" and there's a very good reason for that: "Optimizing" generates almost 3 times as many searches as "Optimising" which also leads me on to the 1st point quite neatly:


One of the first things I do when writing a blog post is use tools such as Google AdWords and Google Trends to help identify which phrases are searched for more often, where they might be more commonly used and just as importantly whether the phrase in mind is trending or declining in popularity.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of tools out there to help you with your research but these would be a good start and as they're also provided by Google (who appear to be executing the vast majority of searches on the internet) then they should be pretty reliable. For more on optimisation and keyword analysis just read our article on that.


Most authors out there probably think the hard work is done by now but unfortunately it isn't. It's only just started in-fact. Let's say your article is about optimising blog posts (curious one that eh?), then you might like to review the content itself using a dedicated online editor and in addition you might like to consider optimising the meta data.

The article title for example will displat in search results, social shares and of-course on the website itself in the browser title bar. Other elements to consider would be the keywords (although Google themselves indicate this is no longer a ranking factor and of-course the meta decription. This displays in search results also so my recommendation would be something punchy and eye catching.


Yep, that's right... Only after the research has been done and I'm happy that the content has value, will add something to the audience's experience and be of benefit will I start to write the article. Now I know a great many bloggers out there will probably be thinking "why" at this point and if you're one of those that enjoys writing for pleasure then that's fine. However, wouldn't we all like more readers...?

Share and Analyse

Share the content as far and wide as uou possibly can, without being spammy of-course. Solocit feedback, ask where it might be improved or what could be added or taken away to make craft it for a specific audience.

It's entirely possible that at the first pass needs adjusting, content needs editing or even the share image needs changing. Take this on board and make changes if needed.

More importantly monitor the traffic to the article in question. Where a user comes from, where they go after reading the article and any calls to action that you have placed on the website or other engagement material. Monitor and analyse.


Make adjustments to the content, the images and pay close attention to the conversion rate if you have any calls to action on the pàge in question.

There's an article titled "clicks to bricks that might help you with the user analysis as it explores the conversion of a user from first eyballing a piece of content through to conversion.

I hope the above was of some use and if you'd like to discuss the topic in more detail then please feel free to get in touch.

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