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Google Search Console Overview

In this tutorial we cover Google Search Console for you and what to look for to help your business online.

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GSC (Google Search Console

GSC will identify where you appear in search, how many clicks your website has received and where you rank for searches that people have actually executed in Google. It DOES NOT cover all search terms you might like to rank for and any other search engines or mobile display though which is where SERPs Tracking comes in.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you identify what people did once they arrived at your website. Which pages and content were popular and what users did while visiting your website.

SERPs Tracking

SERPs Tracking helps you identify where you appear in search (any search engine and even which mobile devices and Google's local listings or maps) and shows how effective your organic or paid ranking campaign has been.

Paid Search

Paid search can be used to get you to the top of Google very quickly for specific search terms and we will often use this in conjunction with an organic campaign to help clients get appropriate traffic to their website.

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